We are not as fast as 911, but surely we will catch up ASAP

Let us introduce ourself

Gadjah Mada Aerospace Team is a team consists of Universitas Gadjah Mada students from wide-range of majors, researching and competing on Aerospace Field, both in national scope and international scope. Some of the competition that is attended by GMAT are Komurindo-Kombat, Global Space Balloon Challenge, and CANSAT.

  • Main job - Mechanics

  • Main Job - Programmer (Software & Hardware), Electronics

  • Main Job - Telemetry

  • Main Job - Management and Multimedia


A group of outstanding UGM students with Aerospace Interests


GMAT division that responsible for rocket manufacturing research with Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) as their driving motors. This division focused on design and rocket manufacturing, control system programming, and Ground Control Segment (GCS).


GMAT division that develop  rocket payload that is prepared to participate in “Kompetisi Muatan Roket Indonesia (Komurindo)” and CANSAT Competition. Payload is launched to run missions such as rocket behavior surveillance, and high-altitude photography.


GMAT division that responsible for balloon payload research. This division focused on Antenna Tracking System (ATS) which directed antenna to the exact payload position in order to receive better data. Ground Control Segment (GCS) show the real-time data on the payload.

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